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Time on Target - Survival Mode

4 usd

Time on Target- Survival Mode is a technological training aid designed for individuals and units who use firearms for work or sport.This practical application challenges the user's shooting skills by calling out drills (through your phone) and recording speed using an embedded shot timer. Survival Mode records the users drill times through a Course of Fire (COF) and compares them against the times of a selected opponent. The opponents range from law enforcement to elite military. There are COFs for pistols, rifles, or both. Drills include moving drills, assault drills, and stationary drills that have the user shoot in many positions. This app not only will show the user how he/she stacks up against some of the worlds best tactical shooters, but also, it will improve their tactical shooting proficiency.
Main Features:
- 15 opponents to shoot against- Multiple courses of fire- Built in shot timer that can be used in the survival mode or by itself- Indoor/ Outdoor shot detection- Sensitivity and delay start shot timer options- Records times for each drill- Audio calls out drills like an instructor on a shooting range